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The First Capital of China

Scientist cannot give a correct era and name to China's ancient capitals because of different cultural character, abundant essence of culture and history's limitation. But Yin ruins, the China's first written historic recorded capital and proved by oracle and archeological excavations, has become the cornerstone of studying the origin of China's civilization and it has a clear era, correct name and abundant relics. Yin ruins' construction, based on former capital's, has improved a lot than former ones. It has reached the highest level of early built capitals and cannot be compared by other dynasty's capitals, such as large domain, large population, long lasting period, abundant essence of civilization and clear evolution of civilization. Unlike the early city's layout-block scattered, Yin ruins general layout concentrates on palace and ancestor's temple, circle and layer scattered, can well adapt to city's construction. It has historic significance. While, yin ruins also contains many elements of civilization such as emperors' mausoleums, city moat, popular used bronze vessels and characters. It has become the classic of China's early civilization and influences the city's construction of following dynasties. Oracle, it's worth mentioning here, has offering the earliest written information on studying ancient China's politics, economy, culture, religion, geography, astronomy, calendar, art and medicine.

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